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    "... a person's watch is a statement                                   make that statement personal"

The way we spend our time defines who we are. That is why each Jean-Loup Ribordy watch is individual and tailored to its owner. What the timepieces have in common is the leading quality and craftsmanship that can only be expected from a Swiss Made watch.


J-L Ribordy
Each Ribordy watch is bespoke made to order in Sion, Switzerland. Specifications like water-resistance, precious gemstone-encrusted design and laser engraving are added to your Ribordy watch on-site during the manufacturing process. 
Whether you’re ordering a unique watch as a personal treat, a special gift, or you are looking for large scale production of corporate brand watches, you can rely on our certified watchmakers to make each timepiece special and of the utmost quality.
It is a privilege that our work has received numerous awards and certificates in the watchmakers industry, but our most honorable award is our customer’s satisfaction.
Swiss Made Watch by Ribordy